What Is Kahoot?

Kahoot is world’s best and simple educational game-based learning application. Kahoot is a formative assessment tool that is all about educational learning. This is being used in the classrooms, both with K-12 and college-aged students. Even businesses are now using Kahoot for training purposes.

In this game, teachers are often able to track the progress of the student when it comes to their learning objectives. You are able to identify both weaknesses and strengths, and you can review various subjects. This game is basically social learning, which means that people often times are in a classroom environment around the screen.


Kahoot is used by more than 50% of the teachers in the US. Over one billion people globally have played Kahoot! since it was launched in 2013. Kahoot’s mission is to unlock the deepest potential of every learner, regardless of age or context, by making learning fun, magical and engaging through games.

At Kahoot Game you can play more, anywhere and anytime, on your own or with your friends. Sometimes it is a quiz that is posted and the user will be able to answer on their own screen. Kahoot is available on Android, iOS, web browser and many other platforms, so it is available for many different people. Even though the game is also on mobile, you still have to look up from your device since it is a social interaction type of learning game. Even if you are having fun learning on Kahoot, you might be wondering what other types of learning games are out there and available. If you are an educator, you also might be looking for games like Kahoot that you can utilize in the classroom.

Kahoot Login

The available options for Kahoot Login would be as follow:

    1. Sign up with email
    2. Sign up with Google
    3. Sign up with Microsoft


How to Login Kahoot as?

kahoot login

Step 1:

To Login in Kahoot First You Have to Visit the official website of Kahoot. Just Type www.kahoot.com in your browser address bar and Press Enter

Step 2:

After That Click on Login Option at the upper right corner, After Click on That The Following Screen will Appear

Kahoot login guide

Step 3:

Now Kahoot Give Three Type of Login Access, Via Google, Facebook and by Personal Kahoot Account(Which you will Learn at Kahoot Signup)

Step 4:

Now Enter by Either Google Account, Facebook Account or by login details such as Username and Password.

Step 5:

After Entering the Details, Hit the Login Button.

Enter your school or college name, the Username, and accept the terms and conditions. At the bottom of the page, you will see Join Kahoot button,

Congrulations, It’s Done….!!! Be Happy 🙂

How To Login Kahoot as a Teacher?

Kahoot is free for educators, who can upload their own questionnaires or choose among several million quizzes that other users have posted. The company has begun to generate revenue by charging publishers to include quizzes with their material on the site. It also offers a fee-based service for companies to use Kahoot for consumer marketing or to engage employees in corporate information.

Teachers can play kahoots in school with students and easily assign them as homework through the mobile app. The game results can be downloaded by the teacher and used as a quick and easy formative assessment tool, allowing every educator to individualize their students’ learning effectively.

Below are some easy steps guide for Kahoot Teacher Login:

Step 1 >>> Create Kahoot Account by Android App, iOS App or via a Web browser.

Step 2 >>> Type kahoot.it in the address bar and sing up for free.

Step 3 >>> Choose the role (I Am A Teacher) for your Kahoot account.

Step 4 >>> Fill Details like your school/university, your username, email id. Confirm the email id, create a new password for your account.

Step 5 >>> Now, click on Create Account.

Congrats! Your free Kahoot Teacher Login account has been successfully created.

If you Want to Login as a Teacher then, just follow the same steps mentioned above. Make sure you have a Teacher account and its related credentials.

While playing on Kahoot, Players typically have 30 seconds to click an answer on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. They earn points for correct choices and extra points for clicking faster.

How Kahoot Works

There are screen sharing tools available to play the games, such as Google Hangouts or Skype. You have a pin and then the person goes to the website and enters this pin. The user then can create a nickname and begin playing the various games after showing up in the lobby of the site.

During the answer period, Kahoot emits a catchy countdown tune, reminiscent of retro video games like Monkey Island. A gong sounds when the time is up, and the classroom board immediately tallies the class’s correct and incorrect answers. Next, a leaderboard appears, ranking the top five students by points accrued.

How To Hack Kahoot Game | Codes | Pins

There are few steps which you need to follow to hack Kahoot. So let’s take a look at these steps which will hack or spam Kahoot by adding a huge number of bots to any Kahoot you want.

Step 1: Copy the game pin of the Kahoot which you want to hack or spam.

Step 2: Then go to this website http://www.kahootspam.com/

Step 3: Here, enter the game pin which you had copied, enter the nickname and also enter the number of bots you want in the specific text boxes.

Step 4: Check the ‘I’m not a robot‘ box.

Step 5: Then, click on the option below which says ‘Flood‘.

Step 6: Then, go back to the target Kahoot, and here, you will notice that bots equal to the number which you entered will be added.

Step 7: Start Kahoot and you will notice that the bots respond to the questions asked in it.

Click Below For:

Kahoot Game PIN

Gaming pins are different for each quiz rounds. Each quiz round will have a particular gaming pin. After getting the gaming pin of your own quiz, provide this to your audiences to join your session and experience the fun of kahoot.


Note: Please keep in mind that this hack is irreversible and these bots cannot be removed from the Kahoot which you hacked.

How to Create Kahoot Account ?

kahoot signup

Creating a Kahoot account for both students, teachers and other players is very effortless. You require following certain requisites to reach your profile.

  • When you log on to the website, click on create a Kahoot account, where 4 options are to be provided.
  • The 4 options include- As a Teacher, As a Student, Socially, At work
  • You need to open the account with the Google email account or Microsoft email account or with any other valid email address of yours.
  • Once you created your respective account, you cannot switch the sign-in method.
  • If you go with the Google or Microsoft email accounts You need to sign in with the SSO
  • Yet if you open the account with some other email account, a confirmation email will be sent to your respective id every time you sign in. Along with the password reset options.
  • Fill in your important details, to begin with, your profile initially.
  • Using an effective username and password must never be shared except the gaming pins.


Kahoot Login As a Student

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Kahoot platform. The following link will take you to the official website. You will see the front page of the platform.

Go to: https://getkahoot.com/

Step 2:

From here, at the upper right corner, you would see “Already got an account? Log in!”


Kahoot login

Step 3:

Click on to the Log in button given there.

Step 4:

The next page will ask you to enter your Student Account’s login details such as Username and Password.

Step 5:

Once you enter the credentials of your Kahoot account, click on the Log In button given at the bottom of the page.

Download Kahoot on Android

Download Kahoot on iOS

Click here>>>Kahoot Official Facebook Page

Kahoot.it Game Pin

kahoot game pin

Now, you can play Kahoot Game after class, too! During lunch, on a school bus, at home – anywhere, really! Find a game in our library, or play one you get from your teachers or friends.

Now you can create questions for students. Kahoot! can be used to cover all subject areas and allows learners to interact with other players in over 180 countries. It provides a unique opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom to the home through the Kahoot! a mobile app, which students can enjoy playing with their family or use to consolidate learning in preparation for an exam.

Kahoot FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Kahoot collect personal information from students?

Kahoot collects the email IDs from students just to send Password reminders. Kahoot doesn’t collect the data from users for any other purposes.

Is there any Kahoot app available?

Kahoot is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The Kahoot app is also available on Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PCs.

Is Kahoot free?

Kahoot was initially introduced as a free learning platform for all types of users. However, later on, the platform is shifted to a Premium one which requires you to subscribe for it if you want to make the most of the platform. The platform is still for free for students and teachers for learning purposes.

How does Kahoot use my email ID?

Kahoot uses your email ID for sending the Password reminder link and additional promotional emails of the platform. If there is anything new comes in, you will receive an email from the platform regarding the Changelog.

How do I change my Kahoot Details?

Changing your Kahoot Account details is pretty simple! All you need to do is just log into your Kahoot account and click the My account option. You would see Settings option from which, you need to select Edit Profile option. From here, you can change your email ID and other useful information related to your Kahoot account.

How do I contact to Kahoot Support Team?

Kahoot is there to help you out always. In order to get support from the support team, you can log into your Kahoot account and click the Support section. You will get required details from there.

Kahoot is also active on Twitter and Facebook. You can tweet to Kahoot at @KahootSupport or can message the support team on their official Facebook page as well.

How can I delete my Kahoot account?

Once you signed into your Kahoot account, you just need to select your username from the upper right corner. Select Delete My Account option from here. After clicking on to this option, the system will ask for your confirmation, click the Confirm button and your Kahoot account will be deleted.

What is Public Profile in Kahoot?

Kahoot is a secured platform which doesn’t let the other people view your personal information associated with your Kahoot account. Kahoot’s Public Profiles are there as open profiles which let other people view your Kahoot’s profile and the Kahoot’s created by you.

What is “Under 16 account” in Kahoot?

Under 16 account is there for teenagers who would be given limited permissions to use on the platform. This account doesn’t let you search on the Kahoot. Under 16 Account doesn’t let you share Kahoot on the platform.

What is Kahoot Paid Account?

Kahoot has its own Premium account to play on the platform smartly. You need to pay for account holders to collaborate, otherwise, you won’t be asked to pay for anything on the Kahoot Platform.

How do I find a Game PIN on Kahoot?

In Kahoot, each game generates a unique code I.e. PIN code. Kahoot PIN is very important to join a Kahoot. In order to search for a game PIN, you need to be in the location where someone is hosting it. You could see the Kahoot when the screen is launched and this is how you can find a Game PIN in Kahoot.

Final Words:

Kahoot helps to play fun learning games and cool quizzes anywhere and anytime, on your own or with your friends. Kahoot! makes learning awesome – and homework, too! Anyone can create games for any subject or topic – it’s simple and fun. Games of Kahoot! (or simply ‘kahoots’) are played in classrooms and other social settings all over the world.

Hope you like this article on Kahoot Login. If you have any question related to kahoot then do comment below without hesitating and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and your loved ones.